Bathymetric survey and volumetric analysis of Bakolori dam reservoir North West Nigeria


  • Ahmed Mahi Shuaibu Department of Geological Sciences, Faculty of Science, Federal University Gusau, Zamfara State, Nigeria


Bathymetric Survey, Capacity Loss, Siltation Volume


Many approaches have been devised for measuring water depth in bathymetric surveys, which are used to assess sediment deposited directly in lakes and reservoirs. This technique is mostly used to calculate the reservoir's capacity and the amount of sedimentation that occurs there. The results of the volumetric analysis and bathymetric survey of the Bakolori Dam reservoir, which is situated in Northwestern Nigeria, are presented in this work. During this investigation, the differential Global Positioning System receiver (GPS), automatic level measuring tool, echo-sounder, and engine boat were utilized. ArcGis 10.0 was used to analyze the acquired data. In order to evaluate the reservoir capacity loss during the Bakolori reservoir's operating period as of 1983, the designed computed reservoir capacity was compared with the current bathymetry survey. At a spillway crest elevation of 334 meters above mean sea level (amsl), the reservoir's initial capacity is reported as 430 million cubic meters (MCM). However, the capacity has since been revised to 291 meters at the same level, with a volume change of 139,269,495 m3. As a result, the reservoir's volume changed by approximately 139 MCM during a thirty-five (35) year period of service, representing a loss of storage capacity, while the annual siltation rate was around 3,979,128 m3/a. This indicated that 33% of the reservoir's storage capacity had silted up. This is demonstrated by the aquatic weeds that have grown to a height of 334.21 meters on the lake's surface, rising from the lakebed. Therefore, to prevent total siltation, the dam reservoir needs to be adequately dredged.


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Bathymetric survey and volumetric analysis of Bakolori dam reservoir North West Nigeria. (2024). African Scientific Reports, 3(2), 154.




How to Cite

Bathymetric survey and volumetric analysis of Bakolori dam reservoir North West Nigeria. (2024). African Scientific Reports, 3(2), 154.