About the Journal

African Scientific Reports (ASR) is a peer-reviewed journal published triannually April,  August, and December) by the Nigerian Society of Physical Sciences. It offers an exciting publication outlet for scientific reports. It covers all areas of Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Medical Sciences and Engineering. 

Aims & scope
We publish original research from all areas of the natural sciences, medicine and engineering.

The discipline of engineering encompasses the study of science and its practical applications. It is essential in the creation of technologies that save lives and enhance the quality of daily life by addressing some of the world's most pressing problems.

Physical sciences
The physical sciences are the branches of study that use mathematical notation and rigorous experimentation to decipher the hidden rules of nature. Astronomy, chemistry, materials science, and physics are all included under one umbrella phrase.

Earth and environmental sciences
Solid Earth processes, surface and atmospheric dynamics, Earth system history, temperature and climate change, marine and freshwater systems, and ecology are all included under the umbrella of Earth and environmental sciences. There's an emphasis on how people engage with these technologies, too.

Biological sciences
The term "biological sciences" is used to collectively refer to the many sub-fields of the natural sciences that focus on studying different elements of living systems. The term encompasses all living things, from bacteria to whales, and spans the disciplines of anatomy, physiology, cell biology, biochemistry, and biophysics.

Health sciences
All aspects of human health and illness are the focus of the health sciences. It is the goal of this area of research to enhance patient care by creating new information, therapies, and technologies.

ISSN(Print): 2955-1625
ISSN (Online): 2955-1617