License to Publish

The CC BY license (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License) governs the publication of articles in ASR. The copyright in writers' works is protected under Creative Commons. The CC BY license is the most permissive one available and is regarded as the "gold standard" for open access in the industry. Many academic funding organizations like it because it enables the widest possible distribution and reuse of open access content. Users are allowed to share (copy, distribute, and transmit) and remix (adapt) the contribution under the terms of this license, including for commercial purposes, as long as they credit the contribution in accordance with the author's or licensor's instructions (read full legal code). 

Copyright still applies to articles published by the Nigerian Society of Physical Sciences and made available through academic repositories. The following rules apply to how these articles can be used:

1. Archived information may only be used for academic study. When an experiment using downloaded text has finished, all downloaded material must be deleted.

2. No part of the archival collection may be utilized for any activity that directly or indirectly seeks or is designed to bring in financial gain, such as buying, selling, licensing, loaning, transferring, or otherwise exploiting the material for profit ("Commercial Purposes").

3. No direct quotations from the archives may be used in any publication, electronic or print, for any reason.

4. This rule does not apply to normal quotes that are copied with a proper citation. Text-mining lets you use single words, ideas, and quotes of up to 100 words per matching sentence. However, you can't use longer sections of text or images (without specific permission from NSPS).

5. All uses must include full credit. The article's DOI must be used to make a link to the published article on the website of the journal.

6. There must be no breach of the authors' moral right to the unaltered state of their work for any use to be permitted.

7. NSPS disclaims all responsibility or liability for any harm that could come from accessing or using NSPS content.